Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees

Palestine refugees turn to alternative health points amidst the devastating Syria conflict

16 September 2015, SYRIA: Robust and accessible health care services are essential for the resilience of Palestine refugees in Syria. Four years of conflict has led to significant deterioration in refugees’ health, and today many are struggling with physical and emotional trauma as a result. This is compounded by impoverishment, repeated displacement and the deterioration of basic water, sewage and sanitation facilities.  Palestine refugees are also increasingly at risk of non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Thanks to generous support from donors such as the United States, UNRWA has opened 11 health points across Syria to maintain outreach to Palestine refugees who have been displaced to areas with no existing UNRWA services. The health points, which are smaller than traditional UNRWA clinics and have been set up in available spaces close to fleeing refugees, offer outpatient care, management and treatment of non-communicable disease and pharmacy services. Some also offer maternal health care, laboratory and dental facilities.

Source: UNRWA

Accessing health in Syria
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