Welcome! Let us help you to make your Towards Hope connection today.

When you raise money for Towards Hope – whether it’s with friends, in your community, or at your workplace – you’ll be helping Palestinian children, families and health care workers receive the vital medical expertise they need to live a life of dignity and hope.

Givematcher_fundraise_0_percentMake Towards Hope your ‘charity of choice’ on your own, free Givematcher fundraising page!

STEP 1: Sign-up with Givematcher as a Fundraiser.

STEP 2: Make your own, personalised fundraising page with Towards Hope your ‘charity of choice’.

STEP 3: Get your friends, family and colleagues to donate to you online at your Givematcher page.

KNOW that your fundraising and donations are secure, safe, and meet all legal fundraising obligations under Australian law.

And even better, KNOW that more of your hard-earned dollar gets to where it is needed because Givematcher charges us 0% commission & 0% annual fees.

CLICK HERE to make your Towards Hope connection today on Givematcher – make your own fundraising page for your:

– Wedding, birthday or celebration
– Gifts in memory of a loved one
– Sponsorship for your fun run, marathon or walk-for-charity
– School fundraising drive
– Workplace Christmas party or social event

And, get your employer involved as to MATCH-YOUR-DONATION and see your fundraising DOUBLED – a win for all!

Using the Givematcher platform allows you and Towards Hope to better achieve our mission by easing the administrative burden and allowing both you and us to focus on supporting the vital medical and health care needs of Palestinian children, families and refugees.

Thank you.


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